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Repair request

Please access Your tenant portal to submit repair requests.

We require all non-emergency repair requests to be set up through the Portal. All non-emergency repair requests are assigned within 48 business hours. For follow up, please inquire via email to


Tips on receiving the fastest response:


  • Please be sure to add photos so we can try to diagnose the problem and know what type of vendor to send.

  • For fastest service, please select "Yes" on permission to enter so that we can get to the issue as fast as possible. If you require you are present for the repair, please be sure to include at least 3 times that work for you, and a tech will call to schedule.


If this is an emergency such as a fire or a disturbance, pick up your phone and dial 911 immediately. If you have water flowing through your home, turn off the water at the shut-off valve and call our emergency number.

What is considered an emergency:

  • Heating and Air in extreme temperatures 

  • No hot water

  • Sewage backing up into unit

  • Flooding

  • An issue causing damage to property 

  • Stoppages causing no toilets to work (tenant must try to unstop before calling in).

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