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Lease Extension vs. Lease Renewal: What Are the Differences?

Need to break your lease? 

By Angelo Rentals

When the lease expiration date is approaching, tenants have three options: they can renew their lease, request a lease extension, or move out. If tenants want to stay in the ...

It's possible to break a lease early, but there are many things you should consider before you terminate your lease agreement.

If you rent, you probably signed a lease that commits you to pay rent for a specific period of time. 


The Strange, Unique Intimacy of the Roommate Relationship

By Allie Volpe

Family Walking Around the Neighborhood

The Art and Science of Being a Good Neighbor

By Laurie Yarnell

More and more American adults are sharing their homes with people other than family members or spouses—an arrangement that can be anywhere from harmonious to downright hostile.

Should you be closer to your street-mates, or do good fences make good neighbors? Here's what the research says.

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