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Management Plans

We handle everything we do in the Lease Only program, plus:


· Full management of the property including our expertise, rent collection, repairs, 24/7/365 emergency maintenance, bookkeeping, handling tenant disputes, and more.

· We provide a monthly and year end statement as well as a 1099 for tax purposes.

· Your funds are disbursed to you monthly.

· Access to our Rhino insurance bond program which provides coverage in lieu of a security deposit of three times the monthly rent in the event of tenant damages or unpaid rent.

· Repairs are made from your Preferred Vendor List. You choose who you want to complete the repairs and they will be the first one we call. If the time comes, we have qualified, vetted, and insured vendors for every trade imaginable who can assist.

· We take the emotion out of rent collection. We have very strict collections based on the tenant's due date. Rent is typically due by the 1st and late by end of day on the 3rd. Collections start on the 4th and a notice to vacate goes on the tenant's door on the 10th. If we do have to file an eviction, the amounts owed are filed on the tenant's credit which makes it very hard for them to lease another property until the amounts are paid; increasing our chances of collecting the balance.

· The walk-through inspection is provided free of charge at move out.

· Another free inspection is completed at the 6-month mark of tenancy.

· Pre-move in walk throughs ensure a great tenant experience.

· Our online owner portal means you always have access to your monthly statements

· Our online tenant portal makes paying rent easier, so tenants have no reason why they couldn't get their rent paid on time.

· We charge 10% of the gross monthly rent received and have a lease fee of 50% for securing new tenants. For shorter term tenants, we try to pass the lease fee onto the tenant.

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